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Cypher Technology is a UK company specialising in the design and manufacture of professional, digital recording products. The company was founded in 2001 and currently has products covering audio and video recording and portable data backup.

Externally, our products are characterised by their clear, simple user interfaces and rugged construction. The sophisticated software and media handling techniques are purposefully hidden from the operator but provide the power to give a precise real time feel to the equipment and reliable, dependable performance. All software and hardware is developed in house.

Cypher Technology is a small flexible company that can also provide custom solutions to a range of data handling and recording problems. We currently produce custom versions of our products for the broadcast, print media and security industries. The technical expertise within the company includes analogue audio and video design, data conversion (A/D D/A), hard disk recording, optical disk recording (CD/DVD/Blu-ray), operating system customisation (Linux/Windows XP), disk filing systems, AES 256 data encryption, streaming data over Ethernet and USB device and driver development.

Cypher Technology Limited is an independent company and operates from its offices in Leatherhead, Surrey, England.

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