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PUMA - Puma is a rugged, evidentially secure and reliable system for archiving FLASH card and USB storage data to CD,DVD and Blu-ray media. The product is aimed primarily at the backup of camera FLASH cards (SD, CF etc) but can be used to backup any data from 12 different card types. Puma contains a premium quality (full height) DVD/CDROM R/W drive and supports a wide range of Blu-ray, DVD +/- R, R/W and CD -R media. A single button press initiates the entire archive sequence so eliminating the chance of the operator omitting part of the procedure. This sequence comprises data transfer, data verify, and FLASH media overwrite and erase. Where image files in RAW format are transferred, the system will generate JPEG versions of these files which will also be stored on the CD or DVD. The system can be powered from mains, vehicle power or external batteries.

In addition to standard mass storage devices Puma will also archive certain proprietry audio and video recorders. ADS Puma

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8-64 Channel Field Recorder - This recorder is a compact, robust and portable audio capture system designed for mobile applications. It can record up to 64 channels of audio at sampling rates from 11 to 48 kHz. Samples are stored as linear PCM at 24 bits per sample. The system (excluding the recording medium) is entirely solid state with no moving parts for maximum reliability and ruggedness and minimal maintenance. Recordings can be auditioned from the front panel and an optional playback controller can be attached for precise playback control and post processing control including beamforming.


2-24 Channel Field Recorder - This hard disk recorder replaces DAT machines and mini-disc recorders for high quality, long duration field recording. It can be left unattended for long periods, in severe physical environments and where a power source may not be readily available. It is very simple to operate with the minimum of user controls. Despite this, the recorder provides the highest possible quality recordings in full linear PCM format and uses the highest quality professional A to D converters and mic preamps. Recording is started either automatically, by audio level, remotely via a wired input or via a record button on the machine. Recordings may be replayed directly via headphones or downloaded to a computer via USB. Recordings may also be played via USB directly from the recorder without downloading from a PC.

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