- P U M A -


Portable Universal Media Archive

the Award Winning solution to secure evidential archiving of digital data


Puma - Puma is a rugged, evidentially secure and reliable system for archiving FLASH card and USB storage data to CDROM/DVD and now, Blu-ray media. The product is aimed primarily at the backup of camera FLASH cards (SD, CF etc) but can be used to backup any data from 12 different card types. Puma contains a premium quality (full height) DVD/CDROM R/W drive and supports a wide range of BD-R, DVD +/- R, R/W and CD -R media. A dual drive option includes a slimline, external drive for making Working copies and disk to disk copying. A single button press initiates the entire archive sequence so eliminating the chance of the operator omitting part of the procedure. This sequence comprises data transfer, data verify, and FLASH media overwrite and erase. Where image files in RAW format are transferred, the system will generate JPEG versions of these files which will also be stored on the CD or DVD. The system can be powered from mains, vehicle power or external batteries.

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Main Features

• Simple operation. Single,dedicated “Transfer” button initiates entire archive sequence. This eliminates the chance of the operator omitting part of the procedure.

• Three automated steps in transfer procedure: Transfer, data verify, and Flash media overwrite/erase/format.

• Wipe process ensures that deleted data cannot be recovered and removes any viruses.

• New Dual Drive version allows simultaneous Master and Working production as well as disk to disk copying and disk encryption.

• Self contained unit with premium quality, full height DVD/CDROM R/W drive.

• Re-mounts and verifies disk after writing to ensure maximum reliability of backup.

• Supports wide range of DVD +/- R, +R/W, +R DL and CD -R media.

• Will back up USB Flash sticks.

• Proprietary software tailored precisely to the needs of law enforcement and evidence gathering.

• Closed nature of operating system and no hard drive increases evidential security and reduces possibility of legal challenges.

• Can be powered from mains, vehicle power or external batteries.

• Supports all common Flash media