Dec 2020 !! NEW!! - V4.4.12 ADS PUMA software. Find out more...

Sep 2020 New Dual Drive software V2.8.16 PUMA software. Find out more...

Sep 2019 - New Dual Drive PUMA option. Simultaneous Master and Working Copies and Disk to Disk copying.

Find out more...

July 2010 - PUMA adds DVD authoring. This feature allows PUMA to author a standard video DVD from any suitable MPEG-2 files on the flash card. Navigation markers are automatically added at two minutes intervals and different video standards can be mixed on one disk - even PAL and NTSC.

June 2010 - PUMA adds AES 256 Encryption. Allows the highest level of security on DVDs and CDs and includes optional automatic 14 character high security password generation.

Mar 2009 - PUMA Wins APPSS Award

PUMA has been awarded a prestigious prize at the HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Development Branch) Exhibition 2009. The APPSS Equipment and Technology Innovation award was won in partnership with the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)

Feb 2009 - New PUMA V2.0 software

Version 2 software gives PUMA the ability to back-up data from any size of Flash card by automatically splitting the data across a number of disks (CD or DVD). These will be automatically labeled with volume numbers. Also data transfer rates have been further iccreased for SD-HC and fast CF cards up to 20 MBytes per second.

Jan 09 - New ADS PUMA V4.0 software

Version 4.0 software brings a range of new features including simultaneous Working Copy and AVI/WAV copy production and disk copying using an external DVD Writer. Find out more...


PUMA - Flash card and USB stick backup

Puma is a compact rugged device for archiving the data from flash cards and USB drives to CD and DVD. PUMA uses Home Office approved techniques for creating evidential backups for use in a range of applications, particularly those where the evidential audit trail is important. more..

Download Puma Brochure

PUMA also supports Flash based recorders with proprietary storage formats and can convert these proprietary formats to universal formats such as AVI, 625/50 DVD or WAV. more..


Rugged Audio Field recorders more..

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